Arizona Innocent Spouse Relief Attorneys

You just found out that the I.R.S. says you owe money.  It’s normal to feel a lot of emotions when the IRS notifies you that you owe them money. It can be frightening as well as stressful. You may also feel like it’s an unfair assessment on their part.  Why?  Because it’s not even your debt, your spouse is responsible for the tax debt. Our experienced attorneys have handled many cases just like yours. We can help you sort through the issues and find a resolution.

Even though there are three types of innocent spouse relief, claims are initially divided into two categories, tax debts from understatements and tax debts from underpayments.

Understatements occur when your tax return contained errors resulting in additional taxes owed to the I.R.S. We have found in most cases, if not all of them, that errors were undetected when the paperwork was being filled out. No one decides to make an error on their taxes. They are discovered by the IRS as they are going over the official forms.

Tax debts from underpayments occur when your tax return reported the correct amount of tax but the amount owed was not paid with the filing of the tax return.

The good news is that relief is available in both circumstances. It’s important to establish liability for the tax debt. There are three conditions to qualify for innocent spouse relief according to the IRS. Your spouse,or former spouse, filed a joint return with erroneous information, you had no knowledge of it and it would be unfair for you to be held liable for the mistake made by another. If your spouse failed to report income, claimed improper credits or deductions, or reported income improperly you can file an innocent spouse application.

We understand all this can be confusing at best. That’s why we are here – to help you successfully present your case to the IRS. It can be very complex and perplexing to figure out these extensive applications. At DWK Tax Law, we can assist you in developing and submitting comprehensive innocent spouse applications.  Our goal is to obtain the maximum amount of relief possible at the earliest possible stage in the process. Contact us today and let us help you work through this process. We are here for you!