Arizona IRS Audit Attorneys

“We’re being audited by the I.R.S.”  These words strike fear into the hearts of many law-abiding citizens.  Many things instantly enter taxpayers’ minds.  “Am I going to prison?”  “What will the I.R.S. find?”  “How much do I owe?”  “Do I need help?”

While I can’t provide answers to these questions until I meet with a client, DWK Tax Law can certainly help with an I.R.S. audit.  While working for the I.R.S., the I.R.S. selected me to be an instructor for the Advanced Fraud & Forensic Accounting Program that teaches revenue agents to handle fraud audits.  In addition, I frequently advised I.R.S. agents on challenging audits and development of cases. having this in-depth knowledge from working directly with the IRD allows me to be able to apply this knowledge to help my clients achieve the best possible results.

In general, I.R.S. audits are divided into three categories: field audits; office audits; and correspondence audits.

A field audit, as the name suggests, occurs at the taxpayer’s business or home.  The scope of these audits is generally broad.  In these cases, to the extent permitted, we insist the I.R.S. performs the audit at our office rather than our client’s office.  This generally reduces the stress associated with the audit and minimizes awkward questions and concerns of employees and clients.

An office audit occurs in the I.R.S.’s office and is typically limited to a few selected items.  In these audits, we typically determine the issue or issues under audit. Once we understand the nature of the audit, we can then develop an effective strategy.

A correspondence audit occurs through the mail.  In many instances, all it requires is to provide the IRS with a careful and attentive response. This can swiftly limit or conclude the audit.


Have you been notified that you are being audited by the IRS? Let our experience work for you. Contact us. We can help you work through an IRS audit. It relieves a lot of stress knowing an experienced attorney can help you navigate through issues safely.